Flashing Canines Remembers

My four legged friend of fur and paws from whom I had to part. My loyal, kind and loving friend left paw prints on my heart.

- author unknown


Daisy (November 2001 - August 2009)


Daisy was my sweet little rescue from the Edmonton SPCA. I feel in love the moment I saw her (who wouldn’t with a sweet buff cocker puppy looking up from you in the SPCA kennel) She had a rough go and had been deemed unadoptable, but from day one we had a special bond. 

Daisy didn’t start out as my agility dog, she played with my brother to start as a way for them to bond. When I was pregnant with my first child she decided that I was to be her agility buddy. So at almost 30 weeks pregnant we ran our first course together and I was hooked. Her and I enjoyed many years together. Daisy loved the game, and was always ready to run. Our time was cut short when she passed away from and Auto Immune Disorder at the age of 7. Lovingly missed everyday by Michelle


Ava (April 2005 - April 2016)

MADC, MSCDC, ExJ Bronze, ExS Bronze

Ava wasn’t supposed to be my agility dog… She was supposed to be my husband James’s buddy… Turns out I was way more fun to play with... I use that word “fun” lightly at the beginning. Ava didn’t always love agility, for the first few years, we had many runs of a couple obstacles and off she would run back to her kennel. Ava taught me about perseverance, I could have given up, but her and I kept working, and we found our groove and off we went!

I had the pleasure of 2 regional events with this little girl, qualifying at both and a nationals event where she earned placements in events.

At the time of her passing there were only 3 Cavaliers in AAC who had their steeplechase title and she was one of them.

Then my daughter turned 5 and I lost my dog… Alexis decided that she was ready to play agility and she wanted Ava. I was happy to turn over my sweet girl to my daughter. They had many fun year together. For all the titles Ava and I achieved in agility the ones that make me most proud are the one she helped Alexis earn as a Junior Handler. Ava taught Alexis so much and Alexis is the wonderful handler she is today because of this little dog.

Saying we miss her doesn’t even start to describe the loss of this girl, there will never be another. Loved by Michelle and Alexis


Mika (June 2007 - August 2017)


I once saw a photo of a Cavalier at a Vet’s office and said that someday, I would own a Cavalier. Mika was my someday! I’d watched many agility demos and was so excited to be able to join the Flashing Canines with my girl. Mika was such a steady agility dog. She wasn’t the fastest, but she rarely made a mistake - and most were mine! We were so lucky to compete at 3 Regionals events, placing on the podium each time. The most exciting was coming in 5th place in her jump height at Nationals. Quite a feat for a little deaf dog.

Sadly, we lost Mika much too young to heart disease and I miss her everyday. Always loved by Linda.