Our Instructors

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In the 10+ year I have been with Flashing Canines I have had the opportunity to teach all levels of classes from puppy to advanced. No two dogs can be trained exactly the same and I love the challenge of finding that moment when handler and dog click and find the love in this sport that I have had for so long. I have also had the delight to train very different dogs from my cocker spaniel, to my two cavaliers, my springer spaniel, and now my border collie Scarlet! Each of my dogs need specific things from me in training and I love travelling to work with other handlers to learn and add to my knowledge. I love being a Starter/Advance Judge for AAC, watching my students run my courses and succeed makes the sport even more fun! 2018 was a fantastic year as I was able to take Storm and Scarlet to the AB/NWT Regionals and having Storm place 8th in the 16" Regular Division and Scarlet placing 5th in the tough 20" Regular Division at not even two years old. I look forward to many more years playing with my girls! My favorite part of agility is being able to have the time spent with my daughter Alexis and our wonderful 4 legged family.

Daisy: AADC, SGDC (American Cocker Spaniel)
Ava: MADC, MSCDC, ExJ Bronze, ExS Bronze (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Blossom: AADC, SGDC (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Storm: ATCH, ExS Bronze (English Springer Spaniel)  Scarlet: MADC, MSDC, MJDC, ATChC, Bronze, ExSTBronze, ExJBronze, ExSTBronze, VBA, MChDC (Border Collie x Australian Shephard) 


I have been apart of Flashing Canines Agility Team since 2013. Through agility, Maya (on the right) and I continue to grow our confidence and trust, not only in handling but in our relationship as well. We enjoy attending trials and seminars to further our knowledge as much as we can throughout the year. I have been teaching and assisting in classes since 2014 and I love watching students grow in each level. Digby (on my lap) is now retired from the game. Maya and I have competed twice at AB/NWT Regional Championships as well as our first National Championship in 2017; and we look forward to many more adventures! 



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I started agility when I was 5 and I have had to opportunity to run many dogs and I have been able to work with many great handlers over the years and have learned so much from them. I enjoy assisting and teaching classes with my mom and getting to meet all the owners and their dogs, it is great to watch them start to work together as a team! I was fortunate enough to get my own border collie when I was 6 and have had so much fun working with her, I am now training my new puppy and having so much more knowledge is great for both of us! I can't wait for what our future holds!

Junior Handler Titles: ADC, AADC, SGDC, AGDC, MSDC, MJDC Clover: ADC, AGDC, MSDC (Border Collie) Indygo: Puppy in Training (Border Collie x Australian Shephard)



I started agility 6 years ago with my Border Terrier, Sophie. I have had many instructors and mentors who have shared their love of the sport with me and taught me some very helpful strategies to handle my best friend through the most challenging of courses. We (I) still have a lot to learn but if I can help others to love the sport half a much as I do, that would be a huge success! Always remember .... play hard and HAVE FUN!!

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I started agility in 2001 with my first dog Trigger.  He loved it...I loved it...we were hooked. Agility with him was cut short with his passing.  But shortly after, my heart dog entered my life and the agility bug grabbed me again. I joined the Flashing Canines Agility Club in 2003 with my beloved boy Cinch.  He made agility so much fun! I started assisting classes and eventually teaching in 2004. Cinch and I competed for many years until my daughter, who was 5 at the time, took over competing with him. That gave me more time to focus on training and competing with my Border Collie, Boots. This dog has literally taught me the most!! We trialed for quite a few years before making the difficult decision to retire her.  So now my focus is helping my daughter train her Shetland Sheepdog, Arrow. They are going to make such a great team!

Dogs are a true gift that I cherish.  I have learnt so much from all of mine as well as from all my previous students.  There is always something different about each and every dog which makes teaching agility so exciting.  And agility itself is always changing as well, which makes it challenging for competitors and their dogs.  It truly is an amazing sport to play with your best friend.